When clearing out my late father’s various warehouses and storage units, my family and I uncovered a large collection of Mark Coomer serigraphs from the 1950’s and 60’s, that we’ve come to recognize as the largest in the world.

My father was the Chairman and CEO of Thanhardt-Burger Corp., an artwork and frame business that dates back to 1927.  They were located in La Porte, IN and the purpose of the company was to select quality decorative art work from sources in the U.S. and Europe, frame them well, and wholesale them throughout the U.S.  Though my father had friendships with many artists he’d met during the company’s annual buying trips, I remember his relationship with Mark (and his wife Sally) to be one of the strongest.  It began in 1952, when he and his wife made a trip to La Porte looking for a business partner to help sell his art work.  They would remain close through the duration of their careers, until Mark’s passing in 2004.  Among the various pieces of artwork uncovered in the warehouses were letters between the two, vintage fliers and photos which can be found within Mark Coomer's story.  

The Coomer serigraphs were an instant success and an important stepping stone for my father’s company.  While individuals would go directly into the showrooms to purchase the Coomers, we have come to find (through talking with current Coomer collectors), that most living in and around Chicago or Detroit were introduced to Mark’s work through their interior designers.   

It is our hope to bring these long hidden, Mark Coomer serigraphs back into the art world and into the hands of those passionate about Mark Coomer or midcentury modern art in general.  Think of us as a quick family pop-up shop trying to honor a great artist by introducing a new generation to his work.  Once the pieces within our collection have found homes, we’ll be going back to our day jobs.   

Mark Krentz – President/CEO

La Porte, IN

Contact us: midcenturyserigraph@gmail.com